Hey there! I'm Jamie!⁣

I must say, I am so glad you made it to the shop. I hope you like what we have 
going on here! I started Shop Jamie Krause in May of 2020, after I lost my day job during the COVID-19 pandemic. I mean literally right after - I went to the craft store the afternoon after I was let go, and filled my cart with supplies while internally singing 'Living on a Prayer'!⁣

Ahhh, see? You get beautiful home decor AND a wacky sense of humour around here!⁣

Okay, okay, you caught me - I'm also a Canadian lifestyle blogger! I share mostly decorating ideas, recipes, tourism and travel around B.C., but it isn't always sunshine and marshmallows around here (though wouldn't that be great?).⁣

I'm also a foster youth and mental health advocate. I myself am a former foster child, living with anxiety and depression daily. Although it took me awhile to get there, I now share my life experiences with my social media followers, in an effort to normalize mental illness and help others to feel a little less alone.⁣

If this isn't your cup of tea, I get it. This little shop comes with baggage! But, if you, too, are looking for a place to belong... why not here?⁣

Visit me over on Instagram at @jamie.krause, or my blog, Jamie Krause Home and Living is always a fun place to surf. Either way, shoot me a message if you want to connect!⁣

And in case I don't see you - good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight!

xo, Jamie⁣

Did you know: 10% of your purchase will go towards a charitable organization in need. The organization changes every month, but if you’re curious about where your money is going, send me a message and I’ll let you know what the organization of the month is!

Thank you so much for your support of my shop, I am so appreciative.